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Travelling Solo

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

For the solo traveller, whether on a journey of discovery or simply getting away from it all, we are here for you.

Taking all the worries and stress out of travelling, on arrival in Vanuatu, we will greet you at the airport and drive you straight to the retreat. And, with all meals and onsite activities included in your package, there’s no need to think about money or where to eat. The only thing for you to do is to relax…and enjoy!

solo travelling

With a maximum of twelve guests at any one time, it’s easy to get to know other guests and staff if you want company. You will find that our staff and owners are friendly and helpful…there’s always someone to chat with or to join in an activity with you. Brad (our resident yoga instructor) will check in each morning to see if you would like to do some yoga before breakfast, Ben (our activities co-ordinator) will serve you breakfast and help you plan your day, and Gillian (our naturopath) will organise a massage or a cooking demonstration for you.

During the day, you can head to the kitchen and the cooks will happily share with you what they’re making for lunch or dinner, while Brad and Gillian always love to answer any questions about Vanuatu or any health and wellness issues.

peaceful resting beach

Of course, there are also lots of quiet spots that offer space to yourself. There’s a comfortable day bed on the deck of your room, ideal for reading, journaling or napping. There’s the pool deck and the ocean pavilion, and, if you want a massage or facial, an hour in our massage suite is just what you need for quiet relaxation.

We offer a great place to do as much or as little as you like, with or without company, and the owners and staff look to ensure that you have a wonderful stay. If you have any special requests, you can just let us know.

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