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Imagine paradise... just for you and yours!

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Imagine paradise...Some of you have told us that you’d love to book the whole retreat for family, friends, or your own special group; perhaps for a holiday, a celebration, or a private retreat. So with this in mind, we offer you our piece of paradise as the perfect getaway exclusively for a group of up to twelve guests.

Our all-inclusive package includes airport transfers, accommodation, all meals, onsite activities, and a daily massage. You can get all the details here. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a family celebration, a corporate event, a fishing or diving trip, a yoga retreat, or you are simply a small group of people who want to explore a South Pacific island contact us now and we will work with you to create just what you are looking for.

You and your guests can choose to do as little or as much as you want during your stay. You might like to fill your days snorkelling on our amazing coral reef, the water so clear and blue it almost seems photo-shopped, kayaking up the river, taking lovely nature walks or guided hikes, visiting local villages…or simply enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our island paradise unwinding with a book by the pool or in our tropical garden, lazing on the beach, having an afternoon massage……

Imagine paradise

All our staff are local friendly Ni-Vanuatu people who enjoy sharing their culture, their ways including cooking, weaving and coconut demonstrations.

Here are some comments we’ve had from happy guests:

"Gillian, Brad and their wonderful staff have created the most relaxing and nurturing place you could ever imagine. The environment is stunning, the food beautifully prepared and the kindness and thoughtfulness of the hosts is unsurpassed". Julia.

'Then there is the food...the menu is designed by Gillian (an amazing Naturopath by the way!) in collaboration with her team of cooks and chefs. The fixed menu is a delight, offering all the seasonal foods you could dream of, plated and presented as you would find in a world class restaurant." Fyona.

Come and enjoy!

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