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Thank you and happy holidays from Reflections Retreat

Brad & I, and our staff would like to send you our best wishes for this festive season.  We would also like to offer all our guests from 2023 a big thank you for visiting us. We hope to see you again in the future.



These photos were taken the day of the staff Christmas Party. All the female staff had beautiful dresses specially made for the party. I think they look fabulous. The staff enjoyed a banquet at the Harbour View Chinese Restaurant in Port Vila. For most of the staff it was their first visit to a Chinese restaurant, and everyone enjoyed trying all the different foods and using chopsticks for the first time!



This year, 2023, our guests have made a huge difference both for our staff and the local community with their amazing generosity. Allow me to share some of the ways this has happened –

·       Staff Christmas Fund – All staff tips received in 2023 were placed into the staff Christmas Fund, this fund is shared amongst the staff in December and ensures that they can purchase extra food items for the holidays and small gifts for the kids.

·       Clothing – Thanks to our guests adding a few items of good quality used clothing to their suitcases (sometimes a lot of extra items), our local community has received extra clothing. This has made a huge difference to households without the funds for clothes.

·       Educational supplies and funds – Lelepa Island school has received essential supplies for classrooms, sports equipment to play with, as well as some books to replace those damaged in the last cyclone. We have also donated cash to help pay the kindergarten teachers, as the government does not cover their salaries.

Thank you, we are very grateful for all your contributions. 

There are lots of items that guests can bring, and lots of ways that they can make a difference. If you would like to know more about supporting our local community you are welcome to contact me on +678 555 7694 or via email

If you are thinking about a holiday sometime in 2024, then please consider a stay with us, at Reflections Retreat. We know that you will have a great time. Even better, you will make a huge difference to a small local community.

Thank you again and happy holidays!

Gillian & Brad

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