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Essential Oil Drop

The following treatments are available to guests of Reflections Retreat and to the general public by appointment at Reflections Naturophathic Clinic.

Naturopathic consultations

  • Nutrition consultation

  • Weight management plans

  • Strengthening immune function

  • Improving digestive health

  • Stress management coaching

  • Support for chronic health conditions

  • Energetic healing sessions

All treatment programs are unique and designed to meet each person's individual needs.


Standard consultation: VT 5,000

Duration: 40 – 50 minutes


Health plan and eating program: VT 5,000

To be emailed or can be picked up.  Ready within 5 days of appointment.

Short consultation: VT 2,000

Duration: 15 – 20 minutes

For weight management follow up appointments.


Long appointments and energetic medicine appointments: VT 6,000 for the first hour and then 1,500 VT per 15 minutes thereafter.


(Due to COVID19 restrictions only a very limited range of herbs and supplements are currently  available.)

The majority of the herbs and supplements provided are practitioner only products not available to the general public.

They are high potency and effective; and for this reason, some of them are expensive.

Gillian will discuss the costs and benefits of each of the products with you prior to prescribing them.

Products are used when they are either necessary for treatment success or will significantly increase the speed of healing within the body.

Depending on the product you are prescribed it may be possible to gain a repeat prescription of the product without the need for an additional consultation; particularly during the maintenance phase of the treatment plan.

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