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Red Sunset

What to bring?

Reflections Retreat Vanuatu is a very relaxed environment just like the rest of Vanuatu so pack light and only bring what you need to have a good holiday.

Bring a sun hat, swimming clothes, sun screen, thongs or slip on sandals, shorts and t-shirts. A pair of reef shoes is essential for any water activity as we are a tropical coral island as well as snorkelling gear if you have some.

Bring clothes suitable for a yoga or stretch class and shoes suitable for a nature walk.

And maybe a good book or two.

What not to bring?

Do not bring high heels, dressy clothes or valuables. They are safest at home.

Additional information

We would love for you to be able to unplug completely when you visit us, however we realise that is not always possible. We do have limited Internet and telephone coverage if you need it. Vanuatu uses the same power plugs as Australia and New Zealand, so any electronics you bring will not need an adaptor.

There is no reliable TV reception in Havannah Harbour, however you are welcome to bring or download  entertainment to view using your device(s).

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