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JUNE 2024

6 to 13 June (7 nights)

Living Your Life Wellness Retreat

This retreat is designed to immerse you in all things yoga & spiritual practices,

Throughout the retreat, we will teach you about the Eight Limbs of Yoga and how to integrate your yoga practice into your daily life on and off the mat.


Event by Samadhi Yoga Australia and Earth Yoga Body

For more information follow the link -


Living Your Yoga Wellness Retreat | Facebook

Image by Kaylee Garrett
Image by Sean Oulashin

Women's Wisdom Retreat

17 to 22 June  (5 nights)

Connect, Transform, and Awaken - Embrace Your Inner Wisdom

Join us for a life-changing journey to the heart of the South Pacific, where the azure waters meet the golden sands, and the gentle breezes whisper secrets of ancient wisdom. Our Women's Wisdom Retreat is an invitation to explore the depths of your soul, rejuvenate your spirit, and rediscover the power within you. Allow yourself to embark on a sacred journey to the wisdom of you,

With a variety of offerings each day from morning yoga in the beachfront Yoga Shala, to sound immersions, and activations, breathwork journeys, hypnotherapy and guided visualisations that are a powerful tool that facilitates self-discovery, experiencing the ancient art of alchemy, to snorkelling in pristine waters, you have the time and the space to explore all that you are, and tap into undiscovered parts of you.

Throughout your retreat, Anandi and Alison provide a nurturing, and safe space for your journey. You will be offered nourishing meals, gentle guidance, and support.

This retreat celebrates the infinite wisdom within every woman, and the strength that arises when women come together, and empower one another.

Event by Love Anandi and Alasana Hypnotherapy

For more information, follow the link - (13) Women’s Wisdom | Facebook


29 July to 4 August (6 nights)

Island Heart Retreat

“Are you craving a Heartfelt adventure? Are you ready to activate abundance, connect to your flow state and find harmony in your life? 


Fully immerse yourself in an all-inclusive interactive retreat experience, days are filled with massage, spiritual practices, self-discovery wisdom, and island adventures.


Drop into the heart of the island vibe to truly embody the ‘flow-state’.


Every day you will wake up in paradise, surrounded by lush tropical landscapes, and crystal-clear turquoise waters and embody the principles of the Ancient Hawaiian way of living. We will take you on an inward journey and outward heartfelt adventure to explore special parts of the Island connecting to the essence of Hawaiian healing. “ 


Event by Earth Therapies and Earth Retreats

For more information follow the link (7) Island Heart Retreat ~ Vanuatu 2024 | Facebook

Image by Marek Piwnicki
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