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Ready, steady, go to Vanuatu!

Lots has happened since our last newsletter in October 2021. Fast forward to April 2022 and Vanuatu looks very different. In March 2022 Vanuatu finally succumbed to Covid 19. The Omicron strain made it out of hotel quarantine and into the general population of Port Vila.

Fortunately the government and health authorities were well prepared for this eventuality and there has been lots of time and energy spent getting the population Vaccinated. Therefore, while Covid 19 is now active in many areas of the country there are relatively few hospitalisations; and only a handful of deaths. This situation may change but right now it is looking very positive.

The Vanuatu government has announced that it intends to open Vanuatu to tourists from 1 July 2022. There will be no quarantine requirement from 1 July;. though all passengers will have to be vaccinated and have a negative Covid test prior to departure..

Air Vanuatu now have seats available for flights from 1 July onwards.

We are happy to announce that Reflections Retreat is now taking bookings!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards, Brad and Gillian

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