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September News! Consult with Gillian at VPH.

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

From Wednesday 9th September, meeting with Gillian is now even easier!


Gillian Lewis, Australian qualified nutritionist & naturopath will be offering consultations from Vanuatu Private Hospital at Nambatu.

What Gillian can help with:

  • Weight management – look the way you want to look

  • Improving nutrition – helping the whole family eat better

  • Maximizing Immune system health – reduce the chance of catching the flu or other virus

  • Digestive Health – relieve indigestion and heartburn naturally

  • Stress management – reduce stress and anxiety

  • Insomnia – improving amount and quality of sleep

  • Chronic health conditions – providing lifestyle and nutritional advise to complement primary health care programs

Services available include:

  • Personal health plans

  • Tailored eating programs

  • Natural remedies, lifestyle advice

Email or call 555 7684 for an appointment.

Gillian Lewis is qualified in naturopathy & nutrition and is the owner of Reflections Naturopathic Clinic at Havannah; she specializes in nutrition and herbal medicine.

Find out more about services at

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