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Reflections Retreat News October 2021

It has been a very quiet year for Reflections Retreat. The Vanuatu borders are closed and look to remain closed until sometime in 2022. So, at this stage we aren't sure when we will get to open the retreat, but I am sure a timeline will become clear over the next few months.

Vanuatu is in the enviable position of having no community transmission of Covid-19. Life is very comfortable and ordinary here. Understandably, the Vanuatu Government is reluctant to open it's borders until a very high percentage of the population is fully vaccinated. Vanuatu is in the process of vaccinating everyone; however, there are lots of small islands with remote villages and it will take time and good logistics to get to everyone.

To keep us all going and to provide something to look forward to, we are currently offering 'nil deposit' bookings to anyone that is keen to book their spot in paradise for 2022. You are welcome to book and then rescheduled or cancel if needed, to meet Covid-19 travel restrictions.

When the Vanuatu borders open Reflections Retreat will be ready to go. All of our staff have been vaccinated and we are working towards certification under Vanuatu's Safe Business Operations framework. We already have new procedures that take Covid-19 safety protocols into consideration. There will be handwashing and hand sanitizing stations available. Wherever possible everything will be contactless and where that is not an option we have masks and other PPE ready to go. We even have a 'pick up and drop off' service option ready to go to support guests that do not wish to have their room serviced by staff. The dining area will have, well spaced, allocated seating and all common areas will have a regular cleaning schedule in place.

While we are not able to welcome you at the moment, we have been keeping busy. Our biggest job this year has been the refinishing of the swimming pool. It has been emptied, scrapped, sanded, acid etched, and repainted as well as having additional tile sections added. It is again full of sparkling clear water and looks amazing!. We have also been working on the two bedroom cottage, to get it ready for guests.

It has a new wardrobe and study area as well as a new floor and vanity in the bathroom. Also our landscaping efforts continue with more garden improvements.

In the kitchen we are keeping busy with several new menu items being created and tasted. My favourite is the new Date and Walnut torte, and the Carrot timbale with local nangai nuts and cauliflower puree is a close second.

Of course we will continue to serve all of our guest favorites including our Buddha Bowls with homemade seed crackers. Yum!

We and our staff are all looking forward to being able to welcome you back to Reflections Retreat Vanuatu in 2022.

Kind regards, Gillian & Brad

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Ian Cros
Ian Cros
Oct 14, 2021

What a positive message! Glad to hear that there is hope on the horizon - maintenance and refurbishment is certainly hard to do when the resort is full. Take care - Ian

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