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Papaya Leaf & Dengue Fever

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

During Dengue season I received several enquiries, asking if Papaya leaf really does help cure Dengue Fever. The short answer is yes. Recent research shows that the phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of the papaya leaf can assist in the treatment of Dengue Fever.

The research indicates that hot water (70 degrees) is the best method of extracting the maximum useful compounds from the leaf. Placing the leaf in boiling water on the stove for a period will unfortunately destroy most of the useful constituents.

I suggest the following method - 1. Pick a young leaf from a healthy Papaya tree. 2. Clean the leaf. 3. Chop finely and/or crush a portion of the leaf. 4. Cover the leaf material with boiling water and let it sit for 20 minutes. This will extract the best constituents from the leaf. 5. Strain the liquid.

For maximum benefit, drink it as soon as possible. Try to drink between 50 and 100ml. Repeat three to four times a day.

Yes, it does taste awful. Lots of herbs do taste awful. Add some raw honey to sweeten if desired.

To all those suffering, I hope this brings you some relief.

Papaya Leaf

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